"Duplicated audio frames" in recordings


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Hey everyone, I'm very new to all of this, so I don't know even where to start. I tried Google but couldn't come up with the right keywords.

Here's my problem: in a recording once in a while (maybe once in 5-10 minutes) I hear "duplicated audio frames". What I mean is, for example, someone is saying a sentence:
"This is an audio test of my microphone. As you can hear it works just fine."
and in the recording I hear
"This is an audio audio audio audio *phone. As you can hear it works just fine."

So there is a section of audio that is lost and instead of it I hear a small piece of previous audio.

I don't know where to look, is it my settings or my hardware?

About my setup.
I'm on a Mac and recording video and audio from Avermedia LiveGamer Ultra at 1440p60 fps. The audio is passed to the capture card from another Mac running Windows in Bootcamp.
There are no skipped frames in OBS stats and I haven't yet heard this while "monitoring" audio on the receiving Mac (but I didn't listen for long).
I've had an issue with audio having a lot of silence in it sometimes, but then I changed audio sampling rate from 48kHZ to 44kHz and it seemed to work fine, until this new glitch.