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i recently built a second pc for recording my gameplays and I quickly ran into some issues with my capture card.
Just so you know, before posting I have tried MANY things and the outcome is that my monitors refresh rates of both computers affect the preview of my capture card (and also the refresh rate of the capture card itself) but also the refresh rate of OBS. That's too many ''refresh rates'' in the same post and I'm sorry for this but I'm running out of options here.
So far, the best workaround I found only for one game (gta 5) has been to lock my game to 60fps and set my streaming rig monitor to 60 hz also and then into OBS set 59,94 as output FPS and set my capture card settings into OBS to match the same framerate. However this for example doesn't work for other games like Batman Arkham Knight. I didn't have the time to test many other games yet but anyways I just wanted to know if ANYONE of you have ever ran into this and found a fix ?
To describe the problem a little more the recordings look smooth and then the framerate dips down hardly to the point that's really noticeable for like 2-3 seconds and gets back up looking smooth and this goes on and on forever. This can happen 2-3 times a minute so it is quite annoying.

I tested this on elgato 4k60 pro mk2 which was worse and then switched to Avermedia live gamer 4k which seems to run smoothly overall but it still doesn't feel buttery smooth. I built this second computer in hope to get perfect recordings but it's doesn't seem that easy at all.
Any help would be appreciated.

gaming rig
64 gigs ram

streaming rig
32 gigs ram

Both PCs on windows 10 pro

also: reached out to elgato and they said something might be wrong with my GPU (on the gaming rig) but I cannot be sure for now cause I haven't tried with another gpu yet


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My bad, actually I just figured that this happens even on my gaming pc on OBS so if I solve this on the main pc this issue will not replicate on the streaming/recording pc. Anyone please ?


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Btw I’m litterally willing to paypal the person that will help me solve this because this is driving me nuts.
In the first place I got a 2nd pc to help me get smooth recordings but it feels kinda pointless right now


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So in my case streaming pc screen needs to be 120hz and buffering has to be activated in the capture card settings in OBS.
Also, to eliminate tearing you need to go to Nvidia control pannel on gaming PC and set vsync setting to Fast. Only one game I have needs this setting set to adaptive half (mafia 2) but that's the only game.

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I had this issue initially with an Elgato 4k 60 Pro. I was told by Elgato support that the refresh rates of each monitor and the capture card need to be the same, but do you know if the refresh rate is the same, can one monitor be 4k while the off monitor is only 2k?