Question / Help Dropping frames/Disconnecting

System Specs
Motherboard - Asus Z97 Saberooth
CPU - i7 4790k
RAM - 16GB (2x8) 1600Mhz
GPU - EVGA 1080 Hybrid
Download - 60mb/s
Upload - 5mb/s
Router - Netgear R6300v2
Modem - Netgear CM500
Additional logs - (specifically from my recent stream that keeps disconnected after an hour and a half)
I can also provide additional logs if requested

Sorry for the wall of text but any help would be appreciated <3

For many years, I have had problems with streaming. Some days it's fine and I have no problems for hours. Other days it kicks me off every 10 minutes or outright refuses to let me stream. The latest issue I'm having is that I'll completely disconnect from the stream after dropping about 500-1000 frames but then it'll go back to normal for about a minute. Interestingly enough, I sometimes encounter this issue even if I'm not streaming but not near as often. I've had my ISP visit on many occasions and of course everything is perfect on their end. It doesn't appear my modem is going offline but my specific direct connection to my router is being affected. Hopefully you can view most of my settings from the logs provided. I've been getting frustrated with this issue for years and I've pretty much decided they're throttling my connection. I would love any advice I can get and I'll happily provide more information if needed. Thanks!


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Absolutely a connection issue. If it isn't just a quality problem, then your ISP is deliberately resetting your connection because they think you're using too much bandwidth. Common tactic used against torrenters, not surprised if they use it against streamers also.