Question / Help Dropped frames (square going red) for no reason!


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So like 2 weeks ago i was streaming fine at like 6000 bitrate and I had no issues. Then one day i clicked start streaming and it immediately drops so many frams and its at like 50% dropped frames. Just yesterday i got comcast 1 gig internet. (like 900+ download and like 20+ upload.) and it STILL drops insane frames and goes red the second i click start streaming.

I am starting to think that i clicked on something but i dont know what it is. Is there anyway I can like full default and reset OBS? Or is there any fix to this? I have like 500x the internet speed i had before and its still dropped frames the second i go live. Please someone HELP!!


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Make a new profile, a blank scene collection, and run the auto config wizard. There could be a problem with your internet, or you've got a wrong/bad twitch ingest server selected, or there's a problem on your local network.
If the square is going red its definitely your internet, keep an eye on your bitrate while the square is red. otherwise you can look in the stats window for dropped frames and it will tell you if your encoder is doing anything as well.


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