Do we actually need more bitrate/average bitrate than Youtube recommendation (12Mbps) to get non-blocky video?


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I see so many people upload their gameplay video to Youtube and then complaining about blocky video quality (including myself) even they have record it in higher bitrate than Youtube recommendation (12Mbps), probably like 20Mbps or 40Mbps for 1080p 60fps.

On the other hand some people believe (including me) that it has nothing to do with the bitrate. It is all because of our number of subscribers/viewers. When our subscribers/viewers is low Youtube encode our video to avc1 (the blocky one) instead of vp09. Some believe that vp09 cost more resource and Youtube does not want to apply it to non-profitable-enough videos.

Therefore, I wonder if any of you guys are having high count of subscribers/viewers and always get vp09 on your video even when you upload it at around 12Mbps.

Thank you!


If you upload 1440p you always get vp9 but be aware that the h264 version gets encoded first and after that the video will get vp9


youtube does only H264 up to 1080p, so if your video gets 1440p vp9 is the only option how they do it.