Display capture freezes (28.1.2 / MacOS 13.0)


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I don't think you need OBS beta.... Ventura 13.1 is supposed to fix this according to the OBS bug tracker site. I just installed 13.1 and I've been recording for over 30 minutes without freezing so far. I'll update later...


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I was experiencing the macOS Screen Capture bug; changing source refreshed it only to be frozen again some time later.

I read this forum thread and saw that updating to Ventura 13.1 could resolve it and so, as I have done far too many times to be comfortable, I immediately started the update. This was a mistake as now I can't capture anything.

When I open it, the camera's green light turns on and the audio adjusts in my headphones. 5 seconds later, the app freezes and I am obliged to force close OBS.

I have since tried:
- Restarting the mac
- Downloading OBS afresh and re-installing it
* by overwriting the previous app--idk if that's sufficient or not)
- Repeated a couple times, unnecessarily.
- "Hope"

Is there OBS cache that may have been corrupted by the update (is that even possible?)? Can I maintain my scenes and sources while simultaneously refreshing the installed app?

I appreciate your time and attention.



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Im having similar freezing in OBS. im on MacBook Pro 2022 running Ventura 13.0.1.

I use a 2nd main screen which im trying to capture gameplay from (either playstation remote play app or NVidid Gefocrce NOW) and use epoch pro for my face cam. the Mac screen capture (game play in full screen) will just randomly freeze (but my face cam continues as normal) so it seems maybe something to do with the screen capture input and not the program? the game continues as normal.. its just the preview in OBS that freezes.

if I go in and with source and back to my game play window.. it starts working again.. but eventually freezes again after a while. so frustrating!

ANY help would be great!! thanks! Iv attached a log file too if that helps?


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