Date Time weirdness between OBS and ptzoptics 30x-ndi camera


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When I use our ptzoptics 30x-ndi camera as a source in OBS there is a date/time in the upper left corner. This also appears in the recorded output. The weirdness is that it only shows up in OBS. If I set the camera as a video source in ProPresenter, there is no date/time shown. Also does not appear when ProPresenter is the NDI source into OBS with the NDI camera shown. It also does not show up with any other camera.

So far, my workarounds are to zoom the feed so I can force the timestamp out of the frame, or later when I am editing the recording to post online I have to remember to scale the camera recordings to 112% and shift the clip to shift the date/time out of the frame.

Screen Shot 4 OBS.png
What's going on? I can't find any reference to this time code in the manual or how to turn it off.

Thanks in advance! I despise mysteries.