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    PTZ Optics, NDI, OBS, Stream Deck & Me.....

    Church lady here (isn't that special) really stuck on how to get my camera presets coded onto a new Stream Deck XL. We have two PTZ (30x) Optical zoom cameras connected via POE to our Stream PC (Windows) running OBS 29 and NDI Tools. We stream to YT and have very few issues with bandwidth...
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    PTZ Optics Camera no Picture

    I have set up 3 PTZ Optics cameras over the last couple of years in local churches all without any real difficulty. However, this time when using similar settings over IP and OBS Studio I cannot get the camera to produce a picture. Using the OBS plug-in I can control Pan, Tilt and Zoom and have...
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    Audio Sync Issues, PTZ Cameras

    We are having audio sync issues with our PTZ Optics + OBS setup (three cameras connected via ethernet). Any troubleshooting tips? Or good sources for help info?
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    PTZ Optics Camera Freezing

    I have a PTZ Optics 12x camera hooked up to obs through my network. It works great, until I want to switch scenes. If I try to switch a scene the camera freezes and I have to close out of obs to get it working again. Does anyone know why this is happening/how I can fix it?
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    Fluctuating Audio Offset in OBS with PTZ NDI camera

    Our church has a live stream setup that we installed this past summer. We have a PTZ Optics 30X NDI camera that is mounted in the balcony about 25 ft from where our streaming computer is. The camera is using NDI for both power and video transfer. We also have our church sound system coming into...
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    Date Time weirdness between OBS and ptzoptics 30x-ndi camera

    When I use our ptzoptics 30x-ndi camera as a source in OBS there is a date/time in the upper left corner. This also appears in the recorded output. The weirdness is that it only shows up in OBS. If I set the camera as a video source in ProPresenter, there is no date/time shown. Also does not...
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    PTZ Optics Camera Preset Automation Issue

    Hey Guys, I'm having issues with the camera preset scene automation feature that PTZ Optics offers for OBS. I wanted to try it all out to see if that would be a good option for my church as we want to make our setup as turn key as possible. So I tried it on various scenes and it worked great...