Cut recorded x264 video becomes garbled: OBS creates files with errors?


Hello, I noticed that when I cut OBS videos (directly, without re-encoding), the result becomes broken.
I just get grey garbled images in VLC.

I posted this problem in the Avidemux forum first, but the dev analyzed the original file and found that it has issues:,18759.msg86663.html#msg86663

Avidemux's dev said that "SEI (supplemental enhancement information) units are absent" from it and that "non-IDR recovery frames are marked as IDR at the NAL layer, profoundly confusing decoders".

Example videos (Enter the Gungeon shop):

I see this in VLC:

So it could be some problem with OBS?
This seems common to all my recordings :\
Can anyone check this?

P.s: this is a repost from the Windows subforum. I was suggested to write also here.
P.p.s: I also posted it on Mantis, but it was deleted without any explanation ¯\_(O_o)_/¯
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