Custom Audio Mixing Per Scene


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+1 from me, too. It seems to me that the audio mix is most logically part of a 'scene' - it certainly is in my use-case - where I'm using a simple web app to allow a 'presenter' to seamlessly switch scenes. I really want to do all the scene set-up within OBS, rather than (effectively) have to treat the audio channels independently


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As another said, registered just to +1 this thread. I'm disheartened to notice that this thread was begun in 2017. Over three years ago! That does not fill me with hope that the dev team will be making this sort of change any time soon. Alas. At any rate, +1 +1 +1!


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+1 registered to request this.

We have a number of cameras with different perspectives of the same area and a number of microphones added as sources and would like to mix the audio for each camera angle to match the camera location. It appears that I can do this by just Pasting (Duplicate) the microphones across the different scenes and changing the mix per scene. The mix level stays fixed per scene.
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Wait - why isn't this a thing. It needs to be. Audio Mixer should be a subset of each SCENE, just like Sources is. Or at least their MUTE STATES. PLEZ?


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Actually guys and gals - Look at this - This is what you want to do:



OBS can do miracle with video, but don't have a manage for audio on scenes.. amazing.
I'm using VLC inputs, and I can add only audio separately. We need support, please let scenes manipulate volumes without affect other scenes, thank you


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i have a video and audio media source for my opening that keeps playing in the background through my introduction and a little into my gameplay. It's a nice way to have consistent background music playing to start a stream while we do squad introductions and get into a gam. (this was recommended on this forum and works great).

However as it is THE SAME source being played across 3 scenes i need a way to lower the volume of that audio across the scene (intro nice and loud when i talk music quieter).

This means i can't (as recommended here a few times) add new channels or remove it as it wont be in sync with the video its tied to.

Please stop trying to come up with solutions for OBS and please OBS make this feature.

Thank you.


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+1 +1 +1 !!!
I use background music in 8 scenes. In Intro Scene and Outro Scene I need different level!
Until today I do it manually.
it’sINCREDIBLE that OBS can’t do this simple and stupid feature!
PS: this thread was born in 2017!!!!!!
guys! Make a rain of +1 !!!!!!!!!


I've created a lua script "VAPS.lua - Volume Automation Per Scene" that reads a comma delimited text file containing a list of scenes with each audio source. The audio source entries also contain fields for a volume level (in dBs) and an automation change duration (in milliseconds). When the text file is loaded and automation is started, whenever you switch scenes, the script changes the audio levels for each source according to the levels in the text file. If the change duration is anything other than 0 ms, the change is made over the listed time instead of a straight "cut". Setting the volume level to -inf dB is the same as muting it.


You can create the text file by stepping through each scene, setting the volume levels in the audio mixer for each source and clicking the "Save current scene with audio sources and levels to list" button. Once created, if you need audio changes other than cuts, edit the text file by using the button (opens your default text editor), or any text editor, changing the duration values and saving the file. Load it and check the start checkbox.

Now just waiting for forum admin approval.