Constant Lag issues (Frame drops)


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For the past 5-6 months I've been getting a lot of frame drops, most of the time where it drops to 0 bitrate and the stream buffers for about 5-10 seconds every 20ish mins. I'm pretty sure it's an internet issue, but thought I would come here to see if a few things could be wrong. I have almost 400 download and 40 upload with straight Ethernet connection. This happened on my old PC as well, done literally everything to try fix it, not sure what else there is to do :/ Here's my Log file



you say the issue is "every 20"
do with a short test the server in you area
find out whats there quality for example find 4-8 best way 8 at 100 or 8 stable 80-85 or similary
Stable numbers are the core count

default every below 100 is bad for stream but not what we test.

if you found 8 stables then run the 5 Minute test multiple times and look if the quality is stable or instable

test the hole world with the 10s
in a timezone where you default willing to stream and the issue is avaible
the most issue are time related to overload of ISP structures
many users have only issues on specific routes
related to the "location" of the issue it can be true that the "best" server have the issue and you have a perfect connection to another location
a friend have this locatet in EU and issues to most EU servers (closest) but a perfect to another default not good from thinking