Compressed Game/Low Mic Audio in Recordings


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Hello! I'm trying to record gameplay clips for Rivals of Aether, and when I go to my recordings I've found that my game audio is super compressed and my mic audio is barely noticeable. I used to use SLOBS and get crisp audio quality, but now with the same settings in OBS I'm getting super reduced quality, I would appreciate any help.

Log file 3/9/2021:


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11:05:18.328: WASAPI: Device 'Headset Earphone (CORSAIR VIRTUOSO Wireless Gaming Headset)' [48000 Hz] initialized
11:05:18.329: [Loaded global audio device]: 'Desktop Audio'
11:05:18.503: WASAPI: Device 'Headset Microphone (CORSAIR VIRTUOSO Wireless Gaming Headset)' [44100 Hz] initialized

use same sampling rate on all devices !

disable windows audio ducking
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To my knowledge everything should have the same Sample Rate, and I have Windows Audio Ducking disabled, yet my recordings of the stream still have compressed Audio. Is there anything else that you might see?