compressed recordings

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    Quality of compressed x264 recordings vs using slower x264 preset

    Hi, I have a question regarding two scenarios. So in the first scenario, let's say I use x264 superfast with CRF 18 and I am recording in 4K 60fps, this gameplay recording will be a huge file since the CRF is quite low. Then I proceed to compress this video to some variable bitrate, for this...
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    Compressed Game/Low Mic Audio in Recordings

    Hello! I'm trying to record gameplay clips for Rivals of Aether, and when I go to my recordings I've found that my game audio is super compressed and my mic audio is barely noticeable. I used to use SLOBS and get crisp audio quality, but now with the same settings in OBS I'm getting super...
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    Newbie needs help. Screen size and file size. Legal Video w/ Date and Time

    Hi, I am new to OBS. I've done some tests and have a few questions. 1) I was able to figure out how to put the date and time on top of the video I recorded, which I need to do for video work. I did a test recording from Zoom (See image How come the test recording isn't full screen? It...