Colors are washed out/too bright but only in Valorant.


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The game looks like this in OBS while it should look more vibrant. I use vibrancegui in valorant but I'm pretty sure that shouldn't affect the looks of it in stream. Has anyone encountered this problem and know how to fix it? I have NV12 Color format, 709 Color Space, Full Color Range. What is the issue here?


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did you guys ever resolve this problem? I now have this same problem and i don't know how to fix it, the unchecking of "sli/crossfire" in properties is not working


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same exact thing here for me. only valorant. ive tried like 10 different "fixes" for washed out colors, but not a single one did anything.


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same here. using screen capture still didnt fix it. the desktop color looks fine but once i tabbed in to valorant, the color just washed out.


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i might just found out the solution. i deleted valorant and download it again and it just turns back to normal.


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So I think I found the fix because I had the same problem. I had NV12 Color format, 709 Color Space, Full Color Range. It still looked super washed out. What you have to do is make sure you're using "GAME CAPTURE" and not "Screen Capture." Worked for me and hope it helps.


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I made a youtube video of fusrodah's solution. So if you still have trouble with finding the right settings, you can just watch this one:


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Full color range is more likely to cause washed out colors than partial.

And having HDR enabled will cause problems, as will having color enhancements added by external programs