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I know we're still in the very early stages of Chromebooks running Linux but thought someone else might be trying to run OBS on one. I have a Samsung Chromebook Plus (v2) with Chrome OS Version 70.0.3538.22 (Official Build) beta (64-bit). With the new Crostini project, I can install and run most Linux apps that I've tried. It appears that Google's version of Linux is Debian based. I can download and install OBS using the Debian instructions:

sudo apt update sudo apt install ffmpeg sudo apt install obs-studio

Everything installs and OBS runs but there is no Auto-Configuration that runs nor is there a Tool menu. I just get a black screen and when I try to add a source, the device drop-down is always empty. This could be because Chrome OS is running Debian in a container possibly, but I don't know. If anyone has any ideas for future Chrome OS/Linux users like me, please chime in. :-)


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