Choppy Video Recording when switched to 165Hz monitor


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Hi, so recently i bought new 165Hz monitor. I found out that after upgrading my monitor my recordings got really choppy. Sometimes more, sometimes less, it pretty much depends on the time of the day. I tried switching basically every option and I tried every scenario in OBS (recording in CBR, CQP, VBR, x264, NVENC, lowering in game FPS to 60, capping them at 120, turning Vsync on and off). Not much to say: nothing works well. Back when i was using my old LG 60Hz monitor everything seemed fine and my recordings were smooth like butter but now after upgrade: something is wrong. So Im trying to reach out for help from you guys on the forum cause i cant belive people like streamers and youtubers use 60Hz monitors to record their gameplays :/ Here is the link to the video and log file as well

My setup is running on RTX3060ti and Ryzen 5 3600

Problem affects SLOBS, OBS and Nvidia Experience Recordings ass well.


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Yeah, unfortunately that's a downside of recording.
You have to keep your monitor at 60Hz through the Display Settings, as well as use VSync and FreeSync/GSync so the game stays at 60 FPS as well, for the video to be perfectly fluent without stutters.

Even dividers like 120/180/360/600 Hz, even if you were to manage to keep the FPS at those levels perfectly stable, would still yield slightly/heavily stuttery video.

At least when it comes to recording on one PC with only the graphics card.

I do not know if it behaves like that if the footage goes through a capture card first.