1. snaetos

    FPS and refresh rate drop drastically when recording/streaming Apex Legends

    So Ive had a recent issue with my OBS within the past 3 days that I've never had before in the past 6 months of me playing and capturing the game with OBS. I've had my FPS capped at 190 for a long time and it is very stable almost never dipping if it ever has. During random intervals my...
  2. F

    How do i get my stream as smooth as possible

    Hello Currently im streaming dark souls 2 And i would like to make the stream looks more smooth and look like it has more than 100hz even though the game capped at 60fps i think i can make it looks more smoother on the stream cuz i saw some people doing it and i couldnt figure out how So i...
  3. H

    Choppy Video Recording when switched to 165Hz monitor

    Hi, so recently i bought new 165Hz monitor. I found out that after upgrading my monitor my recordings got really choppy. Sometimes more, sometimes less, it pretty much depends on the time of the day. I tried switching basically every option and I tried every scenario in OBS (recording in CBR...
  4. M

    Refresh rate OBS recording

    144hz or 60hz ?! I want to record some good gaming footage on OBS but i am confused about the refresh rate. My monitor has a 144hz refresh rate but OBS only allows me to record 60fps. So now i am not sure if i get better footage when i change my monitor to 60hz to match or does this not even...