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Hi everyone,
I wasnt able to find any solution so far, hopefully someone can help:
I want to use OBS to record some old family Hi8 and Video8 tapes. I connected a sony camcorder via August USB Capture Card VGB 300 to my Macbook and the video is visable and runs smoothly. Beside the video source I added a new audioinputrecord put on USB2.0 MIC but there will be no sound in my videos. The funny thing is I have no meter movement in OSB but I do have meter movement in the mac internal systemconfigurations. Please see the attachment (Sorry its in german but I think you will notice the problem). Can anyone please help with that issue. I was already trying for 4 hours to get this ready to go and I have around 50 Tapes over here to record :D I really need a solution and I really hope that its not a dumb and embarassing fault of myself :D

Thanks in advance.


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I had almost had the exact problem. (Mac, August, Sony video 8) But I had meter movement in the audio mixer, but still no sound.
I went to edit (at the top)
Advanced audio properties
And then I turned audio monitoring to monitor and outputs
Hope this helps some one. Don't know why it wasn't on. ‍♂️