Capture card 30fps


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My capture card won't reach 60fps when using it in obs, I have no idea why. When I bought it, it clearly said 1080p 60fps, but it only runs at 30fps



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The log show it is capturing at 60fps

17:33:49.619: [DShow Device: 'Video Capture Device'] settings updated: 17:33:49.619: video device: USB3.0 Capture 17:33:49.619: video path: \\?\usb#vid_534d&pid_2109&mi_00#7&cd46efd&0&0000#{65e8773d-8f56-11d0-a3b9-00a0c9223196}\global 17:33:49.619: resolution: 1920x1080 17:33:49.619: flip: 0 17:33:49.619: fps: 60.00 (interval: 166666) 17:33:49.619: format: MJPEG 17:33:49.619: buffering: disabled 17:33:49.619: hardware decode: disabled --- 17:34:11.283: [DShow Device: 'Video Capture Device'] settings updated: 17:34:11.283: video device: USB3.0 Capture 17:34:11.283: video path: \\?\usb#vid_534d&pid_2109&mi_00#7&cd46efd&0&0000#{65e8773d-8f56-11d0-a3b9-00a0c9223196}\global 17:34:11.283: resolution: 1920x1080 17:34:11.283: flip: 0 17:34:11.283: fps: 60.00 (interval: 166666) 17:34:11.283: format: MJPEG 17:34:11.283: buffering: disabled 17:34:11.283: hardware decode: disabled

Try enabling hardware decode for it.
Also, fix the mismatched samplerate Digital Audio Interface (2- USB3.0 Audio): 96000 Hz and set it to 48Khz
This is done on the driver itself or in the windows sound manager.


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Ok, so I enabled hardware decoding, but it won't let me change the sample rate to 48Khz



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I found this video of the exact same capture card I'm using, apparently it's called DIWUER. I think this proves there's an issue on my computer's end and not the capture card itself, but I still have no idea what it is exactly that's causing the problem



it is likely a problem with the capture card. i have seen this with other low priced capture cards. they just are not quite powerful enough to do 60fps at 1080p but will at 720. Because these are low priced capture cards there is not a lot of quality control at the manufacturer level. so while someone may get one that is perfect there will also be many of them that are just not very good. i have also heard that they are really usb2.0 which would limit the bandwidth significantly reducing quality.