Can't get sidechain ducking to work


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my problem: I have Desktop-Audio and a Podmic. I want to have the Podmic always louder then the Desktop-Audio. I configured a compressor on the Desktop-Audio Source with the pocmic as Source for the sidechaining but nothing happens. The compressor only works if I set the sidechaining source to none. But then he is always working without sidechaining. If I choose the mic as input the compressor stops working completely and never reacts to my voice. Despite of all parameter changes. I tested them all.

Here are some screenshots. At first the compessor is disabled.


Here is the activated sideschain. It does literally nothing. :(


Her is my logfile:

I tried nearly all but nothing works.


It looks you have 'Audio Move open' and 'Audio Move close 2'. If you remove them, is it still not working?
I tried sidechain on my almost clean setup and looks working; Desktop audio meter goes down if I speak something.


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Removing has no effect. Do you use nested scenes? What kind of linux do you use? I'm using Linux Manjaro with OBS 27.1.3. Even if use a new blank set of scenes. There is nothing with the sidechain effect.


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I tested the clean flatpak version I have too. It is the same. Fresh install. No ducking works. I tested my windows 10 surface tablet: Ducking works out of the box.

GRR. I want it for my linux pc.