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Or Perry

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I've been using OBS for a while with no similar issues.
Recently i've upgraded to windows 8.1 64bit and installed the new ATI Omega Drivers 14.12

I can't capture Chrome windows anymore.

I can capture games (Far Cry 4 / CSGO / Hearthstone)
I can capture my video camera (Microsoft 3000)

When trying to capture a chrome window it shows blank white, compatibility mode doesn't solve it.

Please assist.

PC Details :
CPU Intel 4670K
GFX : Gigabyte R9 280X 3GB
MOBO : MSI Z87-G55
RAM Kingston : 8GB 1600Mhz

-- please note, i have 3 monitors connected to my PC, 2 to the X280 GFX, and one to the onboard graphics card.--

Or Perry

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I can confirm i can't capture Explorer too, it only shows the URL line and the upper toolbar, not the internet page itself.
how strange
please advise.
Yes, it is christmas time.

Also, most of the people on this forum are volunteers.

third, I am having issues with window capture as well, trying to capture subalert. Its a static image.

I use the latest AMD Omega drivers, AMD R7-260, Intel 2600k.

EDIT: How are you capturing chrome? Window capture?

Or Perry

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Regarding having all monitors on the same GPU is impossible for me atm, not until i get an active adapter.

-- also, on the same computer, before ive upgraded to windows 8.1, i had windows 7. also had 4 monitors layout, and could easily capture browser windows. this problem might be related to the new windows or the new drivers, cant tell which.
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Is it some kind of holiday right now that would explain why the support forum isn't receiving any answers?
Keep in mind that OBS isn't a company; there are no support staff, just volunteers and community members who like to help.


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Is Chrome running on the monitor connected to your iGPU? If so does changing it to one of the monitors on your AMD card make a difference?

Or Perry

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1. dodge: noted and appreciated.
2. nope, aero doesnt do the trick, and ofcourse its the right source. ive tried it so many times.
3. sapiens, i've tried it when chrome runs on either of the screens. i've been diddling with the OBS options for hours now, trying everything possible, no results.

Or Perry

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hey guys, the last update of OBS didn't solve to problem.
im still unable to capture internet windows.

please help!

Or Perry

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for anyone seeking answer, it originated in the onboard graphics card being used alongside the AMD X280 graphics card i had.
it seems OBS doesnt work well when it comes to capturing windows when using 2 different cards (specially when one of them is an onboard graphics).


I have this problem now and I have no onboard graphics installed currently.

I made a nice system monitor with javascript that displays CPU and GPU values. Now though, when I am using Window Capture I just get a black box. With Monitor capture I can see anything and everything, but I have limited screen space and would love for this window to be in the background. Are there any known issues with Chrome? I'm using a GTX970 and Nvenc in Windows 10 Pro 64bit, not sure if those things affects capture. I noticed a few other things like Microsoft Photos and the Calculator werealso black, but Explorer and Steam works... o_o huuurgh.


@Sapiens yup just saw this when googling again, in another thread :P I killed everything Chrome but had to reboot my computer before it had an effect. Glad it's working :) Cheers!


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Hey, I've been using OBS for a couple months and never had this issue before
but after the Chrome auto update today (50.0.2661.94 m) I can no longer window capture it (black window)

Disabling hardware acceleration allows me to capture it
but then games like or become unplayable (15fps or worse) !

I'm using a GTX 980 with the latest drivers (365.10)

Is this a known issue and/or being worked on?

Kind regards


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@Sapiens I have spent the better part of two days trying to solve this. I'm neurotic about closing windows i don't need anymore so I only had Chrome windows open. luckily i accidentally left an Explorer open and i noticed i could Window Capture that without the dreaded black screen. Which led me to this page. Which for me the solution was also Chrome's hardware acceleration setting. Bugger all that was frustrating.