Cannot get YouTube to recognise Virtual Camera


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Hi and thanks for your help.

Running OBS 27.0.1 on win 10 Prof with 24GB RAM

For our church we have always only live streamed through Facebook and this was easy to setup. But we have people asking to also live stream on YouTube. I know that we need a second "camera" and this is where OBS virtual camera comes in handy.
My problem is that YT does not "see" the virtual camera as a video output device and gives me this error message:
"Camera can't be accessed because it's being used by another application."

Two questions ... for now:
  1. Where in OBS do I enter the YT stream key and stream url?
  2. How do I make it work?
I searched on Google and only got explanations on how to use the plugin ... which the current OBS has pre-installed.

Can someone please advise? Thanks.


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Where in OBS do I enter the YT stream key and stream url?

Nowhere, if your (first) stream output point is already Facebook.
(A virtual cam is simulating a virtual usb device, to say so. No stream endpoint.)

See answer in the other thread too (written there because i've read the other thread first.)


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Thank you. I managed to get it right. At the end it was Browser security settings that did not allow camera.

Thanks for your time.