Camera keeps freezing during streaming


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Hello guys,

I'm sure it has been mentioned here more than once but I just want to share this so hopefully OBS will get an update with bugfix soon.
Like the title says my camera keeps freezing every few minutes during streaming. This has been going on since udate 26.1.1.
We use OBS for church livestreams so it's quite annoying and breaks immersion when people that are watching see that the camera freezes every few minutes.
It appears that as long as I haven't started streaming the camera won't freeze but when I started it does freeze every few minutes.
The current workaround during streaming is that i have to unplug and replug my usb capture card and deactivate en reactivate the camera, then it works again.
But like I said, people will still see the frozen camera for a few seconds every few minutes.
I tried multiple solutions and workarounds but none work.
I also tried rolling back to a previous version but then my lyrics plugin wont work anymore so a no go there.
Maybe somebody has a solution that I didnt try yet but I hope nonetheless that OBS gets a bug fix with a new update soon.
Thanks for reading :)


Posting a log file after an active session would help.
Unfortunately we cannot fault find or diagnose without it.