Bug Report Broken window layout in KDE


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I have problems running OBS on Fedora 32 with with KDE. The application starts and seems to work properly, but the internal window layout is broken to the point of being unusable. Internal frames are shifted beyond the left edge of the window, menu bar is either not visible, or shows up only partially. Duplicated frames are not just shadows or leftovers from window resizing. They are operational duplicates of the fully-visible frames (see activated "move down" button on the screenshot). What is show on the menu bar does not correspond to mouse actions (menus detached from descriptions).
I tried to delete ~/.obs-studio and ~/.config/obs-studio to reset settings, erase and re-install the application, upgrade video driver to the most recent version, but nothing helps.
Attached are screenshot of the app window and log file.

System information:
OBS version: 24.0.5, installed from rpmfusion-free-updates repo.
OS: Fedora 31
Video card: RTX2080
Driver: binary blob v. 440.59


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