Question / Help Black screen when trying to record using full screen (in osu!)


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I am trying to record a game called "osu!" with it being in fullscreen mode but OBS only shows a black screen. I found some tutorials relating to fullscreen - black screen problems, but they all seemed to be either outdated or not working (for me). I have an Nvidia laptop (Lenovo Legion Y520), but this guide seems to be outdated too , since the way it describes the nvidia control panel doesn't match with how it looks on my computer. I tried turning administrator mode on both osu! and OBS, using both window and game capture with varying settings, using compatibility mode, switching settings back and forth and everything, but nothing seems to work. I am really sorry if I've just messed up something and don't realize it myself.

Also here is the log file but I don't think it says much since the window capture I'm trying to use here is the one named "Ikkuna 2 (osu)" and it just says that it's executable or something even though it doesn't really work.

Thanks in advance, reply if you need me to tell you other things for you to be able to help. Sorry for some English grammar mistakes (and the log not being totally in English, my native language is Finnish)


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Bumping the thread, I'd really like to find a solution to this since streaming would be a lot of fun if I could do it properly :/
Also, here's how the nvidia control panel looks like for me, if someone knows what i have to press on this new version to do the things mentioned in this thread please tell me (I know that it's in finnish, but the thing that i have chosen here is "The management of 3D-settings" and the chosen graphics processor is "Automatic choice/option")


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Post a log after the change. If it didn't take effect (if OBS log still shows the app starting on the discrete card) then you need to check that your drivers are up to date (I mean, don't just click "check for update"-- go to their site, download the latest, and install it) and if that doesn't help you need to ask Nvidia support why this feature does not work and advise how to fix it.