Question / Help Best Settings for i9-9900k and GTX 1070


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I'm trying to get the best quality out of my obs but it just doesn't look that good. Some areas are pixelated and grainy. Especially after editing it turns out garbage. No lag in games (Above 90 fps). I'm trying to record at 1080p 60fps. (I have to downscale in rendering because when you record with a 1440p monitor ops kinda fails with down scaling for some reason).
Intel i9-9900k
GTX 1070
32gb ram
Annotation 2020-03-24 113007.png

Annotation 2020-03-24 113019.png
Annotation 2020-03-24 114024.png
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Annotation 2020-03-24 114007.png
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Switch to 709/Partial instead of Full. Full is only if you have a complete end-to-end Full RGB workflow. Chances are good this may be causing your color issues.
Switch to the Quality preset, instead of Max Quality. MQ uses CUDA cores, which can cause issues.
Turn off Psycho-Visual Tuning as well, same issue as MQ.
Don't downscale. Downscaling will incur a quality loss. Hold off on downscaling until your final edit, to preserve as much quality through the entire process as possible.

NEVER record directly to MP4. If you are recording multitrack audio, use MKV. If you only need one audio track, FLV will work fine. You can remux the recording to MP4 later from OBS' File menu, Remux Recordings.
If any issue occurs when recording to mp4, the entire recording will be rendered corrupted and 100% unrecoverable. Digital garbage. Also, many major video editors (Premiere, Vegas) have issues with OBS direct-record MP4s.

Beyond that, we can only speak for the videos that OBS provides, not your post-editing videos. Those go through another rendering and encoding step that we cannot assist with, and any number of things can go very wrong there.