high fps recording

  1. pxlfall

    amount of threads at 1280x1024 120fps?

    hi, im using obs to record last 1.5 min in csgo on faceit servers (faceit anti-cheat doesn't allow nvidia's shadowplay dll to inject due to security or smthng). i like to record at 120fps because i can review them at 0.5x or 0.25x speed. would 3 cores/6 threads be enough for this task? my plan...
  2. C

    OBS is stuck at "Stopping Recording..." When trying to record 2 tracks at high fps.

    So I need to record 240FPS and have 2 audio tracks for a project I'm doing, but when I try to stop the recording, It gets stuck at "Stopping Recording...". When I tried to record with only one audio tracked, everything was fine and the recording stopped instantly. This doesn't happen at 60fps or...
  3. AnonymousDuck

    Question / Help Best Settings for i9-9900k and GTX 1070

    I'm trying to get the best quality out of my obs but it just doesn't look that good. Some areas are pixelated and grainy. Especially after editing it turns out garbage. No lag in games (Above 90 fps). I'm trying to record at 1080p 60fps. (I have to downscale in rendering because when you record...
  4. G

    Bug Report High fps record start success = random

    In Log 21-58, Is a successful recording. In Log 22-19 is unsuccessful recording. When recording fails, Only way to close OBS is trough Task manager, Unless it has hid it self away from there (Randomly on start up, randomly on recording start up, randomly on recording stop) and can only be found...
  5. P

    Question / Help 240 Fps recording

    I want to record 240 fps in minecraft but my current specs can only handle 180 fps, My Specs are: I5 7400 1050 ti What do I need to upgrade to be able to record 240 fps. My bday soon.