Best quality setup? What can my build handle?


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Hey guys, I finally build my first pc for gaming but i don't know how to set up OBS especially the bitrate settings.
Here is what i got:
-Graphics card - Radeon RX 5700XT
-Processor - AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8core
-Motherboard - Aorus B450 Pro WIFI

I want to able to record or stream or both. I know my machine can do it I just don't know the proper settings for the best quality possible and the most confusing part is the bitrate settings for both audio and video. I don't understand how to come the perfect number depending on your components.

Just incase I do want to mention that I have a 1440 res monitor(2) and if possible id like to record at 2k. I know streaming this high is a definite NO but recording if possible what settings can be adjusted to that. Thanks again and hope to hear from you.


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Use the automatic settings as a good starting point. If recording, beware potential disk i/o constraints, just as it is good practice to watch all hardware resources (CPU. GPU,. RAM, network, etc) for bottlenecks

Recording at 2K is fine, just re-scale your stream output (this takes extra CPU)
And always best to avoid using WiFI for streaming,


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It's a pity you built a pc for gaming with streaming and recording in mind, then chose a AMD GPU. If you chose an Nvidia RTX GPU, you had the Nvenc hardware encoder, which is almost invisible in terms of CPU and GPU power required while at the same time providing great encoding quality.
With the AMD GPU, you need to use x264 as encoder, which will consume a lot of CPU power that isn't available to the game any more. If you chose the AMD hardware encoder instead to move encoding to the GPU, you will get not very good encoding quality, and the AMD encoder will require some GPU resources as well that isn't available to the game any more.