Question / Help Bad audio quality + color grading on best settings


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When I record using any software at all, the audio sounds like it's being played into a tin can. The color grading isn't great either. My desktop background is gray, but through recordings in OBS it looks purple-ish. I have color format set to NV12, YUV color space set to 709, and YUV color range set to full. Although the color is annoying, the audio is a lot worse. It happens no matter what program I record on, and I've found out that it is due to surround sound being turned on in my headset settings. I have a steelseries siberia 350, if that helps. The issue with surround sound being on is that it sounds like garbage in recordings, but if surround sound is off then everything just sounds bad in general, even when not recording. My microphone sounds completely normal with surround sound on or off, it's just my desktop audio that gets ruined. I asked a couple streamers about this problem and they all said they played with surround sound on, and their recording quality was impeccable. What am I doing wrong?

- example of bad recording quality with surround sound on (keep in mind desktop background is gray):

- original video used for audio:

Edit: 2560x1080 recording is intentional, although I am realizing now it does look a bit blurry, yet another issue to fix
Edit 2: Willing to call on Discord and screenshare. Gryllus#7862 for those interested.
Final Edit: The color seems normal in the YouTube video, but in the recording itself it seems colored wrong. I assume this is just a problem with the Windows media player.
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