Audio of my recording is too quiet.


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Hi all, I know this is probably going to be some basic user error or something but please help me out here. I've spent hours over the last couple of days online trying to find solutions to this but nothing I do seems to work.
I'm recording my display and my desktop audio, as well as my mic. On the levels in the audio mixer everything looks as it should do, I've followed like ten different guides online as well of best audio settings to record with to see if it was just a bad set of settings I was using. But the problem is after I finish my recording, go back and listen to it, everything is only at about half volume that I heard it through the audio mixer while checking the levels and filters for everything.
Is there something I should be looking at in post? Like just manually cranking up the volume of the recording after I've recorded it?

Any help at all would be much appreciated. If there's anything I can show in order to help with a response let me know and I'll sort it out.

log for last small rest recording is here


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For an audio noob you have way too much filters engaged. =D
Get rid of them. Then your log says that you're "monitor only" what means that you wouldn't record these sources at all.

Put the faders in the obs mixer all way up to 0dB. Then level your microphones gain so much that loudest peaks land at around -1 or -2dB on the meters. Yes, it's in the red zone. Keep calm. Your gain is too high if the whole level bar flashes in red.

By the way: You'd put compressor and expander together in one scene, what is nuts. Noise suppression as the last filter in line is crazy too. Who is giving such hints on the net?

Follow the hints above instead and show where your levels target then. Then proof your recording with a player like vlc player.
If your mic is still too low to compete against the desktop sound, reply here again with a new log past such test recording.