Audio Mixer showing no Sources


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I recently decided to swap from SLOBS over to OBS -
I followed tutorials/help guides in case I was missing something, but anytime I try to add any audio input/output from any source, nothing shows up in the audio mixer. The only thing that did was "video capture device" for my webcam, then through those properties I could add my headphone mic and it worked.
I checked to make sure all equipment was working on my end etc.



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First - beware that the streamelements plugin pukes all over the OBS log (and at best that is all it does, too often it does worse). And I get that you may need it. but I've seen it cause all kinds of problems (not the ones you are describing, so just a heads up in the future, you may want to start OBS troubleshooting by disabling PoS plugin. In terms of keeping that plugin, I recommend learning to go beyond the plugin's basics/GUI interface and make sure things set as to not cause network issues (timeouts reaching unconfigured connections, etc)

Now, onto your question. I'm responding in case the following might help. OBS audio is not something I'm a subject matter expert in, so beware ;^) First, regardless of OBS, SLOBS, or other, I'd recommend starting with making sure mic works at OS level. Use Windows Recorder or similar to check levels, etc [just to confirm device working ok at OS level], then move onto Source setup in OBS
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