Audio (mic) cuts out for 0.365 Sec seemingly at random.


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Hello, any and all!

I'm hoping to find help with an issue that I don't think has been a problem before maybe a month or so ago for me (I may not have noticed though).
Every so often my Antlion mod-mic wireless cuts out for less than a frame-time@30fps. No longer nor shorter than the last, and no other audio tracks are affected. I can't seem to figure out what might be causing this. I've attached two samples of audio that show what I'm saying. It should be stated that I only become aware of these hiccups after I've already remuxed my mkv, and opened it in a video editing software.

I'm not sure but I think this might be related to another more minor problem I've been having where my mic volume is low on startup, but fixes its self after restarting OBS once. I first noticed the cut-outs, and the low-volume thing happening around the time I last updated.

I'm using addons like OBS.Live, and StreamFX. I know that these only serve to complicate matters a lot, but I really do use the features they provide!
The log file I'm providing shows a very crusty stream. I'm honestly embarrassed to post it. Please no bully haha!

Thank you!!


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That's odd, I swear I posted the file. I must be having connection issues. Here's a second go.


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