Audio Issues Where None Before - Update Related?


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Here are a few log files for reference.

Windows, OBS, and NVIDIA have all updated in the past two or three weeks.
TL;DR - One day two weeks ago, multitrack audio had no track one (capture card), but did have track two (interface mics). Not sure why. Issue may or may not be gone.


Hey everyone,

Having an issue that has never happened to me before in OBS or any of the other streaming/recording software I use (and I do professional audio work and use Wirecast and VMix). On my personal workhorse Windows, I have a newer Elgato HD60 S+ running some simple multitrack recordings where audio from the card is on stereo track one and audio from mics in an interface is on track two.

I've done about 50 recordings this way no issues. While in editing recently on three videos recorded between Dec 9 and Dec 12, audio was fine in the beginning of the first one, then the capture audio disappeared partway through and the mic audio got incredibly choppy. For the next two entire videos, there was no audio from the card and the interface audio was still choppy. The video after them, however was fine. Last week's videos seem fine as well.

I noticed playback in Windows default player only chooses one of the audio options to show me, so I can't even tell which videos have both tracks or not without loading them into a video editor. That rendered my first several tests today useless since some had capture card audio and some had interface audio.

I did about 10 tests total and reset my capture routing from scratch after re-plugging it all once. I undid and redid audio settings too since I wasn't aware Windows wasn't showing me the whole picture. Now testing new videos in an editor, the last few seemed to work, but obviously, I can't have videos randomly messing up, especially because some only get one chance to record in the moment.

Anyone know what might have caused this or how to keep it from happening again? Thanks!


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12:51:58.346: YUV mode: 709/Full
Dont use Full !

check your is anything running in the background that steal resources


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I just did three more tests this morning. Two of them had all the issues (no card audio, choppy interface audio). All I changed was unplugging and re-plugging the capture card, and test three was fine. Any ideas what might be causing this?