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As my title and my username says, my audio is looping infiitely, while I stream.
It isn't because I am listening to my own stream, I have that muted and my viewers tell me my voice loops the same thing over and over.
I checked it out and it is true.
I have checked everything and seen every youtube video and nothing works.
When I stream from my Switch and I mute Desktop Audio on OBS, it works fine.
But once, I play a game on my PC, where Desktop Audio has to be on, that's where the audio loop begins.


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If it is only looping when Desktop audio is enabled, that almost always means that you have your stream playing and un-muted somewhere on the system you're streaming from. It's either that, or you're using third-party audio routing software like VBAudio VAC or Voicemeeter and the configuration is completely hosed (which we can't help with, you'll have to talk to that third-party software's support line).

It may also mean that you have your Monitoring device set to your Desktop audio device, and you have something set to Monitor in the Advanced Audio Properties (click on the cog on any audio source in the Mixer to get there).
If the loop is longer than 1-2 seconds, it is almost ALWAYS an unmuted copy of your stream playing somewhere on the streaming system.


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The only third paty audio I have is Elgato's sound app. The thing is, it used to work fine til' recently.
The loop lasts like upwards to 10-15 seconds.
I have checked every software on my PC and I don't think there is an unm,uted copy anywhere.