Question / Help Audio Ducking When Stream Alerts Occur (StreamLabels)


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I have audio ducking enabled through a compressor for my mic to desktop/game audio, but I would like to know if there is way to duck desktop/game audio when an alert occurs (it is a source and not an audio input). For example, someone follows/subscribes to my channel during a live stream on Twitch and an alert image and audio are played simultaneously with other background music and game audio. I would like for all other sounds to be reduced below the level of the stream alert audio. Any recommended tools out there or is this not yet a feature for OBS?

Any help is much appreciated!


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Did you find a solution to your answer as I'm also wondering how to go about this, alert box uses the same audio source so I cant think of a work around at all, aimlessly googling a solution and can't find anything!