Audio crackle when recording with audio from Apollo x4 Thunderbolt


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I cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing this, and how I would fix. I have seen other similar reports and tried what I've found there, but no luck.

My issue is I am trying to use OBS to record to my local machine. That machine is a 16" Intel MBP running Big Sur. I have the latest version of OBS. My video input is a Logitech Steamcam, and my audio input is an Apollo x4 Thunderbolt interface. I have made sure that all sample rates match, both in OBS and in the Apollo console. I have tried both 44.1 and 48. I have tried running the devices through high end CalDigit powered thunderbolt hubs, as well as plugging them directly into the MacBook.

No matter what, I always get crackling audio in my OBS recordings.

I have tested all of the equipment in other software, such as Ableton, Zoom, Quicktime, etc. No other software has this same audio crackling when recorded.

Attached are the settings I am using for recording, my OBS audio settings, and the advanced settings for the Apollo audio device. I've also attached a log file as well.


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Ok, I have made some progress. It appears if I DO NOT use the "mkv" format for recording. If I switch to recording directly into "mov" format, I get no crackling. Does anyone have any idea how I might be able to fix this while also using the mkv format for better re-muxing support down the road? If not, I'll have to stick with using MOV format, which I know has some downsides.


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With this new knowledge, I have searched again in the OBS forums and found this thread:

Posting this for anyone who gets to my thread via the Googles.