Question / Help Audio Buzzing Only in OBS, Need Help!


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So my issue is very weird as this buzzing just started happening recently after running the same setup for months with no problem. My setup is as follows: I have my PC audio going into a mixer via 1/8" to RCA, mic hooked to mixer via XLR, headphones hooked up to mixer to hear everything, and mixer running to the same PC via USB. Like I said, this setup has been working with no problems for months, but now when I open up OBS, there's a high pitched buzz. The buzzing stops when I either unplug the mixer USB or unplug the PC audio. The buzz can be filtered out but only on the video recording. I still hear it in the headphones.

I've tried plugging the USB in different ports, still get the sound. I don't think it has anything to do with cables because I would be hearing the buzz with any application. I'm lost and frustrated, not sure what else to do or how else to troubleshoot. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please help. I haven't been able to record because of this.

Log file if it helps:


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Sounds like a ground loop. Ground loop isolator would be the easiest solution, putting it between your pc audio out and your mixer channel.