Question / Help Audio appearing in OBS but nothing in recording/stream (SOLVED)


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I'm sick of this issue I have scoured the internet for hours and tried everything so I'm finally succumbing and giving the issue to the community to see if anyone else has a solution.

I streamed all night last night and sound was not an issue. I have game and microphone audio running from my pc through my capture card to my other encoding laptop.

No settings were changed and today I got reports in chat saying I had no audio, and I tried it in a recording, and sure enough, no audio.

My capture card is recognized under a video capture device and that outputs my video and audio. I only have 2 sound devices, the capture card and my webcam but the webcam is -infinity dB and muted. I can see the green bar in the mixer changing when I speak or something happens in game but it does not transmit to the recordings or stream. The card is set to output to track 1 and both the recordings and stream are set to listen on track one as well. Whenever I record I also ensure that monitoring is off. (I have also tried recording with my track one bitrate set to 160 and 256)

When I do use output monitoring to test if sound really is coming through, I can hear audio just fine.

I'm completely stumped and would appreciate any help on the issue.

What is odd is that even though I do not want to use my camera as an audio input, it seems to add lots of buffering. I cannot use a custom audio device for my camera as my capture card is a video capture device and not a recognized windows audio device. (After seeing this I tried recording with camera muted and buffering disabled but it did not help... it's not in the log because it was recorded after seeing it)
Log where I recorded once:

Again, any help is greatly appreciated,


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Check what sound sources are assigned to each track in Edit > Advanced Audio Properties

Check which audio track you are streaming in Settings > Output > Streaming


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I'm pretty sure I specified clearly enough but just in case you misseed it anyway, I don't believe this is the problem, as I think the tracks are set correctly. If you have any other ideas, I'm all ears as this is very frustrating.

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Those look like they are set properly. Your capture card is set to the same track you are streaming to, and is not muted.

You also say you have monitored the capture card audio, and you can hear it.

18:43:31.397: [DShow Device: 'Capture Card'] settings updated:
18:43:31.397: video device: LGPLite Stream Engine
18:43:31.397: video path:
18:43:31.397: resolution: 1360x768
18:43:31.397: fps: 50.00 (interval: 200000)
18:43:31.397: format: YUY2
18:43:31.397: using video device audio: yes
18:43:31.397: sample rate: 44100
18:43:31.397: channels: 2
18:43:31.397: audio type: Capture

Do the above settings look correct to. you? Is OBS also set to 44100 for audio?


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I've tried 44.1 KHz and 48.0 KHz both with no avail. It seems all of the other settings are correct. I'm going to try to reinstall obs and see if that makes a difference, and if it doesn't then I'll know it's most likely a problem with the audio codec used in OBS and I will need to reinstall that, because it might have been corrupted.


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I found a really odd fix. When I stream at 1080p30 the audio has no issues, but when outputting a uncommon fps value, like 50, what I was doing, the audio completely cuts out unless it is the default desktop audio or mic/aux inputs already provided. I would like to stream at 50 fps as it is what my capture card outputs at that resolution, so 48 would skip frames, so if there is a better solution that would be great.

Thanks for all your help,