Apple VT H264 Hardwareencoder are working with Twitch?


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Hey Guys!

I'm new in the Apple world and I wanna set up my stream under Mac OS (Big Sur 11.1)

I getting a problem with the VT H264 Hardwareencoder there is no playback at Twitch, but the connections ist stable and sending a signal to twitch without any issues.
Streaming is going live but Twitch cant handle the Signal. You can see the stats via Twitch Inspector in the screenshot. The Playback in the dashboard is not starting and looping in a loading animation.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-16 um 20.20.02.png

Is it possible to streaming with VT H264?
X264 is working well but I want to save some resources.

My Log:

Greetings from Germany


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it does work for me (I'm on catalina though). Do you have "ignore streaming service settings reccomendations" turned off from the stream settings, maybe?