h264 encoder

  1. M

    H264 Encoder Error

    Need Help I Can't streaming
  2. Lahdo

    H264 or x264?

    Hey dear, Open Broadcasting Software forum! Today I changed to H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework) which was before on "veryfast" x264.. I also did experiments on medium up to ultrafast (ultrafast is too extremely pixelated, and medium is not pixelated, and in realities like "The...
  3. guschti

    AMD encoder bitrate locked at 1kbps

    Hi there. I'm using the latest version of OBS and just reinstalled my graphics drivers today. After running OBS as an admin, I find I am locked at 1kbps when selecting the H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework). The only other option is x264, which as I understand it is CPU encoding. I...
  4. _deak

    Obs studio crashes when I try to record with h264

    Hello, can anybody tell me why can't I make OBS work with h264 encodig? OBS shows an alert telling that it couldn't start the outuput. That if I am using NVENC orAMD, I shuolud make sure that my drivers are up do date, and they are. Im not interested in recording with X264, I need to use h264...
  5. jo-qzy

    cannot pull stream when using Hardware Encoder

    First question: My setting is set to use 'Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder', ‘KeyframeIntervalSec = 0’, according to instructions '0' means auto When I use OBS to publish stream to NGINX, but i found only the first frame is the key frame, video gop is infinite, so i can't pull stream from NGINX...
  6. C

    Encoding overloaded! Stream, play & record configuration issues!

    PC: Ryzen 5 2600 16gb ram GPU: RX 570 4gb Hi all, i am trying to stream in 720p/60 fps to youtube and record the session concurrently, however i am unable to find the right setting to achieve that. I tried using X264 to stream and H264/AVC for recording, and vice versa, and still i am getting...
  7. Jitk0

    Apple VT H264 Hardwareencoder are working with Twitch?

    Hey Guys! I'm new in the Apple world and I wanna set up my stream under Mac OS (Big Sur 11.1) I getting a problem with the VT H264 Hardwareencoder there is no playback at Twitch, but the connections ist stable and sending a signal to twitch without any issues. Streaming is going live but...
  8. Z

    AMD H264 Encoder overloading while mid stream! Please help!

    Stream crashes while using Amd's encoder on obs 30-60 minutes into the stream whereas while using x264 I haven't faced any problems with the encoder overloading. But while using H264 even if i follow the prescribed procedures to reduce output res and frame values it still crashes while streaming...