Any available plugin/script that shuts down PC automatically after live streaming has stopped?


I use OBS to record/stream automatically, it's for Zoom meetings and I am not the zoom admin, so I don't have technical privilege to record the meeting. Not to be confused for piracy, this is for educational use. This is what automated OBS recording looked like. I used Advanced Scene Switcher to operate it automatically. But my issues is this: How can I make OBS send command to Windows to shut down the PC for saving electricity?


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You can achieve what you are looking for using the advanced scene switcher's macro tab - specifically the "Run" action.
Assuming you are on windows you can configure something similar to this:


The "300" stands for 300 seconds until Windows will shut down after running the command.
So in this case 5 minutes after the local recording was stopped the command to shut down the computer in 5 Minutes will be executed.

But please be careful not to configure something which will instantly shut down your computer once you start OBS.
And just in case - the command to stop a shutdown is "shutdown.exe -a".


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That's very nice help.
But it will cause OBS crash/loss of data as we are unable to close OBS but giving command to shutdown the PC. either OBS will not like it and we need -f option with shutdown to force close all other apps along with OBS. Wondering to avoid OBS loss of data.
If we can save profile and scene data before shudown.................


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Try this
Run Powershell.exe with the Macro function ( its here C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0 )
add following arguments
Timeout 5
Start-Process powershell -Verb runAs
Timeout 5
taskkill /IM obs64.exe

and then another one with the Shutdown function