Animated Lower thirds not running


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Following the Instruktions in Youtube to get Lower 3rds running I always get a red Frame around my first run.
My Scripts are located on a Folder I have full access to. OBS is newly installed.
I don't see my lower 3rd Banner


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I already know his Vids and followed his instructions. Both of my PC's have the same issues. When copying the unziped folder into OBS-Studio on C: I get access violations on the Lua. So I left the Folders outside in Downloads or on a Network Deice and have the same results.
The red frame around the for Scenes and no Show in the Windows.


I'm not sure if I can help you anymore. I had that same issue on 2 different PC's and I was able to fix them both.
Just out of curiosity, did you come across one of his videos regarding Lower Thirds where he talks about copying a web address and pasting it in Notepad because something had changed and doing it this way was the only way to see if that was the issue?

Edit: Here's the link: Lower Thirds Update Fix

Good Luck....