Bug Report Alerts cause crash (All the time, not just on alert)


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New streamer (1 week, so I'm probably garbage).

My system: I am running OBS Studio for my brand new 2019 iMac 21 inch with upgraded RAM to 32gig. All other is base iMac.

1: I added a "source" as a "browser" to show my alerts using "streamlabs.com"
2: A test follower worked. (test from the steamlabs.com admin pane, not a real friend testing)
3: As soon as I enabled the browser source, OBS Studio crashes. Crashes occur both just opening the application (not even doing anything yet), and intermittently in stream. I usually couldn't get more than 5 minutes without a crash (No one even followed me, so the alert occurring is NOT the cause of the crash).
4: As soon as deleted every "Browser" from my "Sources" in ALL of my "Scenes", crashes stopped happening.



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Update: I downloaded the new version of OBS and put alerts on 2 of my scenes. Zero crashes in 8 hours streaming today.