Ability to save general settings to a profile, not just stream/output settings

I thought profiles saved all settings, not just stream/output/record/etc, and would like to see an option to make that happen. My current use case is there are many things I stream via obs each day, some are long gaming streams with hosts, etc, others are news shows that run for 15 to 30 minutes and later in the day get edited and resyndicated elsewhere. Ideally one of those (the news shows) I can have set to use the 'Automatically record when streaming' setting enabled for safety, but when switched to the profile that is used for the long marathon gaming streams does NOT have that option checked by default, so that I don't accidentally eat all my disk space and other resources recording for hours wastefully. Right now it seems OBS treats that option as a global one, regardless of profile being used.


you can zip that folder to save ALL your settings and unzip later for usage. Make multiple archives for multiple usecases.