4k60 Pro Mk2 dual PC fps drop issue


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Recently had an issue where my OBS preview on my stream PC will show like 2 seconds of hard fps loss then back to normal, I haven't changed anything about my setup and it was working fine a couple days ago. It doesn't seem to be happening in the 4k capture utility so i'm guessing it has to be OBS related as it also happens in SLOBS as I used to test as well. Any help would be appreciated

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So.. I wanna share this, this is copied from my Forum post and I ran into this problem.


I might of just found the Elgato micro stuttering and major FPS drop.......

Gonna throw these two out there and maybe someone can confirm this because its butter smooth...

Elgato 4k60 mk2 Internal capture card uses PCIE lane correct?

So does a M.2

**Drops Mic** god damnit been running this wrong for AWHILE! Whatever was going on in windows 11 with PCIE lanes cause it was FPS dropping hard and random all of a sudden after a update.

I had to wipe my computer and put gaming system back to windows 10 off the rip, no more FPS dropping but micro stutters.. Right? I changed my capture card to the PCIE lane with no M.2 SSD and boom...

Stutter shit solved...

I might of just discovered majority of peoples issues on stuttering during capture and stuttering during Previews in OBS and Elgato...

"This is specially important when you use NVMe M2 drives, this can change the PCIe lanes that are available in other slots. Please refer to the Motherboard manual to check if this may impact other PCIe slots for you. In some cases it may be helpful to use another M2 Slot if available, or if two NVMe M2 drives are installed try with only one NVMe M2 drive."

---> Source : https://help.elgato.com/hc/en-us/ar...ato-Game-Capture-4K60-Pro-Installation-Issues

ELGATO NEEDS TO HARP ON THIS MORE! This is LITERALLY a simple fix and ELGATO needs to focus on this ASAP. I can almost guarantee there are a lot of unhappy people I see on this forum having these issues and like me didnt even realize. Capture card is fighting the PCIE lane with the M.2 SSD!

Gonna play with it this week but this needs to be shared.

Until then I will carry on with my goals. Ill keep yall posted.