4 Computers, 3 Locations, Same problem Dropping Frames and major Bitrate fluctation

I am an Audio Engineer/contractor who lives in New Orleans and who has just recently dived into live streaming. I have been a big fan of OBS, but I am now having a consistent issue. My bitrate output is fluctuating drastically within a 30sec time period, It may jump up to 4,000, down to 0, up to 1200, down to 600, etc. I have had this problem in 3 different locations around the city of New Orleans. These problems arose about 2 weeks ago and have not gone away. They are consistent across Mac and PC products and I have tried just about every setting I can find (Including Dynamic Bitrate). Each of these computers has been able to easily handle the load, and the CPUs don't seem to be the problem. Also, the internet speeds at 2 of the locations are 15-20mb upload. So, I have run out of ideas. The commonalities between the locations is Cox internet, Chicago server (though I have tried others), and streaming to Castr.io. Could cox's service be this inconsistent all over the city or am I missing something?

Any help would be gladly appreciated. Also, I downloaded Wirecast (trial period) and experienced the same bitrate fluctuations.


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I'm in New Orleans and having the same issues spring up recently. I'm a webcam model, the site I work from is in Europe, and I only seem to have an issue with that platform, and not others whose servers are here in the U.S. I have literally tried everything but to shake the lines clear! I can tell you this... It isn't OBS. I've used every browser, cleaned every cache, and shut down everything that wasn't needed, including my external webcam and just used the built-in camera. It was still laggy and froze up. I've lost 3 days of work.


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Theres a problem with MAC handling USB 2.0 now i read on MacRumors. My 2.0 audio cable works until it doesnt and gets tons of static. Im wondering if all of this is related?