2 Questions


1. Is DX12 support planned for the studio edition? I was hoping to run Battlefield 1 in DX12 mode, but can't record in OBS
2. Is proper AMDvce support coming? I tried using the software encoder, but the gameplay got corrupted and I have to re-encode it every time with handbrake.

Now my friend is giving me a 660 Ti, for which I can use NVENC, but I was hoping that I could use AMDvce


1> soon
2> Possibly, depends on how the APIs behave for the guy that's writing that plugin.
Also, to second that point, does the plugin work well? I downloaded an AMDvce plugin for studio and was wondering if it was any good?


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I recommend asking on that thread instead of here. You can always try it for yourself and determine if it works as well as you'd like it to.