windows 10 2004

  1. R

    My Game Recordings are laggy and very choppy

    Hey I own a youtube channel where i do tech and gaming, and lately ive been noticing that my game recordings look very laggy and choppy, ive looked at alot of videos, and i might have found a way to cut out the lag, but now i have poor video quality it looks very pixelated and blurry. I have a...
  2. B

    Windows 10 Recording Mic and Line at the same time natively.

    Currently the only way I have gotten this to work, is by setting "What U Hear" as the default audio device in windows, adding it and only it as an "Audio Input Capture" Source to the scenes in OBS, and controlling my mic, line in, and monitoring levels from the "Speakers Properties" dialog under...
  3. A

    WINDOWS 10 VERSION 2004 OBS not recognizing my focusrite scarlett Asio

    Hi everyone my first thread in here Since I updated my windows to version 2004 My OBS does not recognize my Focusrite scarlett 18i8 2gen asio whatsoever! I then contacted my friend who has the 3Gen of Focusrite scarletts and he also has the same exact problem! We Didn't have this issue with...
  4. D

    OBS and Windows 10 2004 Performance

    Hey all, could it be that the Performance of OBS in Windows 10 2004 is terrible? I Stream the most with 4000kbits on facebook and the bit rate is dropping to 2k or even lower... I have a Gigabit connection with 50 mbit Upload (actually its most arround 35 mbit). I tried X264 (very fast), and...
  5. EposVox

    Windows 10 2004 Breaks Live Gamer 4K - Here's How to Fix It!

    The Windows 10 “2004” May 2020 update has finally started rolling out via Windows Update (how to get the update). This has been a highly-anticipated update as it brings forth a DWM fix to alleviate many issues users were having with multiple mixed refresh rate displays on the same PC. (Details...