video conference

  1. P

    Corporate Live Stream Help - Complex Scenario.

    This would be simple if I wasn't being asked to do it over zoom so people from field offices can be called upon. So plan was virtual camera to zoom but the issue with that is the audio. Computer 1: Running OBS, and broadcasting the main feed to zoom with master audio mix. Computer 2: Running...
  2. Jack Decker

    How do I incorporate two additional camera feeds into my Zoom meetings?

    I have three cameras I need to incorporate into my Zoom meetings in addition to those of attendees. How do I do that? Details: 1) My main camera is a Sony RX100 III. This focused on me. 2) A Logitech c920 will focus on scorecards that I flip by hand. 3) A cheap Versa Cam (1080 full HD) will...
  3. J

    Does "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" reduce bandwidth when pulling multiple sources from OBS Ninja?

    I have 10+ scenes on OBS Studio, each pulling a different video source via OBS Ninja for a live conference scenario. I would like to know whether ticking "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" will help to reduce bandwidth during the conference. When a scene is inactive, does it stop...
  4. C

    Echo In Video Conference Only When Mic Is Routed Through OBS

    Merry Christmas. :) I'm using OBS for Zoom / Skype / video conferencing. I set up some audio filters as well. But when I go mic -> OBS -> Skype, the other person can hear herself, unless I use headphones as well. But when I go mic -> Skype the audio for the receiving end is fine, even if I...
  5. M

    Open Source Video Conferencing with Isolated Broswer Links

    Is there a video conferencing software that allows each user to take an HTTP link of each person's feed? I want to create "Scene"s with live feeds, but I also want the conference to happen on their end (me included).
  6. S

    Question / Help Using a Zoom Meeting as a source for a newbie

    Hi smart streaming people, Here's what I'm trying to do: create a live cabaret show streamed to YouTube, hosted by two people in two different locations. They will banter back and forth, play videos (on my hard drive), interact with YouTube comments live (or live-ish if there's a delay, which...
  7. Krusty4President

    Question / Help Is this possible and how?

    Hi. I want to record a game I am playing and at the same time have a Discord videocall with my friend and place those videocall windows down in the right corner of the screen. I want both the game sound and our voices also in the recording. Is it possible? And how would the setup look like
  8. Dihelson Mendonca

    Question / Help What´s the best way to broadcast a cell phone video conference on OBS ?

    Hi, All, If I´m broadcasting live, and I want to bring kind of a "reporter" from anywhere using cell phones, how should I do it ? Would it be better to we both install some software like Zoom or Skype and I ( somehow ) transfer the content of the screen of my phone ( Mirroring ) to my PC and to...