1. D

    Question / Help OBS Music Edition?

    Hello, is there such a thing as the OBS Music Edition. I downloaded the version off the OBS site and then a member of another group directed me to this site and said this version...
  2. P

    Question / Help Recording pause does not respond

    Hi. So I just installed OBS 24.0.1 and there I found a pause function in the Hotkey setting: I have set it so that you can pause the recording and resume by pressing F9 button. Unfortunately, this recording Pauseriung Hotkey command does not respond at all. The recording still continues. I...
  3. Kanetsidohi

    Bug Report OBS 24 - No output available

    My software is in Spanish so I hope the idea is understable in English I was recording with version 23 when the update showed version 24 so I stopped, and updated but the software didn't start recording, and gave me a message about the drivers possibly out of date Since in a previous version I...
  4. kk_dev

    Question / Help Get version ffmpeg in OBS on windows

    Hello! How i can get version ffmpeg in OBS on windows ?
  5. AlexGuo1998

    FFmpeg Version on Windows

    Hello. Is there any plan of upgrading FFmpeg (libav*) version for Windows? I'm building plugin executables (DLLs) for Windows, and I wonder if FFmpeg API change could break my DLL on a newer version of OBS.
  6. X

    Question / Help What's the latest version compatible with MacOs 10.10.5?

    So I have MacOs 10.10.5... In the website it says the latest one is for 10.11+... can I get a link to one that I can actually use?